Bespoke Wedding Suites

At Kara McKean Designs, our Bespoke, fully-custom wedding suites are created with love to perfectly exemplify your wedding and all of the accompanying festivities.

The design process takes between three to five months from initiation to delivery. Our basic suite which includes Invitation and RSVP for 100 guests begins at $1200. A consultation phone chat will first be scheduled to discuss the specifics of your wedding needs. From there, I will send sketches followed by up to two rounds of revisions where the client can make adjustments and changes, as needed. Clients will receive paper and envelope samples in the mail during this process, as our services and pricing also include printing and assembling needs.

We value how special your wedding day is and take pride in ensuring every detail is perfect. For more information on pricing, our process or sample suites, email us and we will get back to you within one to three business days! 

In addition to our Bespoke designs, our Collection suites are pre-designed and ready for you to customize.